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Launching the Freeze and Balance Campaign

Friday, February 24th, 2012

Partnership for America is launching the Freeze and Balance Campaign to pass federal legislation to freeze the implementation of all regulations which have restricted energy supplies to American consumers since 2009 — until such time as the issuing agency includes energy impact statements done by the Department of Energy and economic impact statements done by the Department of Commerce in reports to Congress and the public. According to the Freeze and Balance Act, if an agency tries to implement a regulation without publishing these assessments, then states and other harmed parties could block the rules from taking effect until the statements are done in compliance with the law.

With rising gas prices and growing tensions in the Middle East Congress must send a signal to the world that it will restore balance to our energy and environmental policies. The failure of the President to approve the Keystone Pipeline from Canada to our Gulf shores after extensive environmental, economic and energy analyses makes clear that this Administration is not committed to a balanced energy policy and Congress must act. Even more troubling, the pipeline being blocked by this White House would supply roughly half the amount of oil the U.S. currently imports from the Middle East or Venezuela. Passage of a Freeze and Balance Act will make clear America intends to free itself from over reliance on oil imported from countries which are sometimes hostile and give America and her allies greater leverage in resolving foreign policy disputes in the future.

The Freeze and Balance Act is a commonsense measure which merely requires that an economic and energy impact statement be done before a regulation which would have a substantial impact on energy supplies goes into effect and is based on Executive Order 13211 which was issued in 2001 but has been ignored by the current Administration. The good news is that if Americans get behind this simple bill, Congress can help undo the damage already done and put the country on the path to lower gas prices and greater energy independence.