Partnership for America Urges House to Pass “Replacement” for Health Law ASAP

on November 13, 2012

Washington, D.C. – October 29, 2012 –  James Wootton, Chairman of the Partnership for America  released a late September healthcare poll done for the Partnership for America Foundation by Public Opinion Strategies.  Wootton called on the House of Representatives to move quickly to pass legislation that both repeals and replaces the Health Law.  According to Wootton, “This poll demonstrates that a well-designed, market-oriented alternative could enjoy strong bi-partisan and independent support.”

Wootton went on to say that “In our opinion, it always has been the case that, as a political matter, the repeal of the Health Law likely would require its simultaneous replacement with an alternative which voters agreed was a better way to address the problems of the current healthcare system. This recent poll suggests that the design of a politically and economically feasible alternative to the Health Law is possible.”

According to Wootton, “The findings of the poll provide an extremely detailed road map for finishing the design of an alternative which the poll tested.” Overall 55% of the public would support repealing and replacing the Health Law with what was called the Quality Care Plan in the poll. Among its findings were:

  • Pluralities of every party support the Quality Care Plan. (Slide 25)
  • Men, women, young voters, and seniors all favor the Quality Care Plan. (Slide 26)
  • Seniors and Independents also pick the Quality Care Plan. (Slide 31)
  • Independents choose the Quality Care Plan over the Health Law by a margin of more than two-to-one. (Slide 32)
  • Those with mixed feelings about the Supreme Court ruling prefer the alternative by a margin of almost three-to-one. (Slide 33)

Bill McInturff,  noted Republican pollster and senior partner at Public Opinion Strategies, pointed out that “Even as President Obama won reelection, a plurality of exit poll respondents said they wanted some or all of Obamacare repealed. Voters are clearly continuing to look for options.  But McInturff also cautioned that “It is important to remember that even among those who want Obamacare repealed, a majority of these respondents tell us they would like to see Congress pass new health care reforms to replace President Obama’s health care law.

Wootton stated that “Action forcing events are hard to come by in this town but the election should have sent a signal that the public wants the problems of our current healthcare system to be addressed, one way or the other. This poll provides concrete guidance on how these concerns could be addressed in a bi-partisan way.”

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